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How do I earn chops?

You can earn chops by scanning your receipts from in-store purchases using our app (available on the App Store or Google Play) or automatically when placing orders online via order.saladstop.com.sg. For the types of rewards that you can redeem with your chops, please see the Terms & Conditions of each respective reward in the SaladStop! App.

How can I redeem my SaladStop! rewards?

SaladStop! rewards can be redeemed in-store via the SaladStop! App at any of our outlets or online at order.saladstop.com.sg.

How long do I have to earn chops and redeem my rewards?

Chops have 6 months validity period and rewards have a 3 months validity period.

I am not able to scan my receipt. The app says that my receipt is no longer valid. What should I do now?

For security reasons, Saladstop! receipts are valid for only 48 hours. In addition, users are allowed to scan a maximum of two receipts per day. In order to avoid missing out, please scan your receipts as soon as possible. To help you with this issue, please send an email to app@saladstop.com.sg along with photos of the receipts that you are not able to scan. Our team will help resolve this issue.

I ordered a salad through Deliveroo/Foodpanda/Grabfood but I didn’t receive a chop when I scanned my receipt. Why not?

Purchases through 3rd party delivery services such as Deliveroo, Foodpanda and Grabfood are not eligible for chops. The Saladstop! loyalty program is only applicable for purchases in-store or through the Saladstop! pre-ordering platform.

Can I earn chops on discounted purchases (e.g. OCBC 10% OFF)?

The SaladStop! loyalty program cannot be stacked with other discounts simultaneously. For example, if your transaction has the OCBC 10% OFF discount applied to it, it will not be eligible for chops.

I am not able to scan my receipt using the Saladstop! app. Is it working?

Please make sure that you are using the latest version of the Saladstop! loyalty app. Also, when scanning the receipt, please ensure that the receipt has been placed on a flat surface and in a well-lit environment. If you still encounter issues scanning your receipt, please send an email to app@saladstop.com.sg along with a photo of the receipt.

I have cancelled my order but I have received notification that my card has already been charged. Will I be refunded?

In this case, the payment has left your card and is in currently waiting in a 3rd party payment gateway for order confirmation. If the order is cancelled/auto-cancelled, this money is not received by us and will be returned to you within 7-10 business days.


Do you have gluten-free tortilla wraps?

Unfortunately not yet. We are working on finding a healthy source of gluten-free wraps.

Do you use MSG at SaladStop!?

SaladStop! is free from MSG, artificial colouring, preservatives and taste enhancers.

What type of oil do you use in the your selection of dressings?

We only use premium extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin (unrefined) coconut oil at Saladstop!.

Are your ingredients organic?

We source the best possible ingredients but our ingredients are not organic labeled. Our kale is hydroponic, pesticides-free and is grown in the best environment for ideal nutritional value.

Do you wash all of your greens?

All of our lettuce is triple-washed and dried in industrial spinners. Our partners uphold the highest hygiene standards and all products are delivered in refrigerated trucks and stored in large cold rooms to ensure ultimate freshness, moisture and texture.

Are the Falafels and super protein patties baked or fried?

Our falafels and super protein patties are baked and deep fried.


How do I save favourites?

After checking out a signature or create-your-own order, a pop up will appear and you can choose to save it as a favourite with a customisable name. These favourites will be saved to your account and you may order them again quickly without the hassle of re-customising to your preferences every time you order.

How do I order order in advance?

After selecting a store to pickup from or entering an address to deliver to, you will be prompted with a choice of “Now” or “Later”. Please select “Later” and select the date and time of your advanced order.

How do I order delivery?

Please visit https://order.saladstop.com.sg/. On the home page, please select the “Delivery” tab and enter your address details. Please type either your street address or postal code and select your address from the search bar. Please also type in your block/floor/unit number as well as building name and special delivery instructions if applicable.

How do I order pickup?

Please visit https://order.saladstop.com.sg/. On the home page, please select the “Pickup” tab and choose the outlet you would like to order from. After selecting the dropdown list, please tap “other stores” to see a full list of stores to choose from.

How do I order online?

Please visit https://order.saladstop.com.sg/ to begin your order. You will be prompted to register or sign in with an e-mail and contact number. At checkout, you will be prompted to complete a one-time tokenisation of a credit card.

I have been charged $1 whilst setting up my card. Will I be refunded?

The $1 dollar charge is a temporary authorisation charge that is used to validate your credit card which is returned to you within 7-10 business days. This one-time step will only be performed when you first add your credit card or switch to a new one.


What if I have a food-related allergy?

Please inquire with our outlet manager prior to ordering. Each salad or grain bowl is tossed in fresh mixing bowls. Please request that your Salad Artist chop your salad on a fresh chopping board as well.

Which soups are cream based?

Mushroom soup and Seafood Chowder.

Do you use low fat mayo in the dressings?

We do not use low fat mayo.

What is your lowest calorie dressing(s)?

For our asian dressing, it is the Thai Turmeric. Whereas for our western dressing, it is the Classic Caesar.

Are the bread sticks and crackers gluten free or vegetarian? Do they contain egg?

The bread sticks and crackers are NOT gluten free, they are vegetarian but NOT vegan – they contain egg.

Which cheese is suitable for vegetarian?

All cheeses at Saladstop! are suitable for vegetarians.

Do you cater to Vegetarians and Vegan?

Yes! Do look out for and . Please request that your Salad Artist chops your salad on a fresh chopping board as well.

What are the calories in each particular ingredient?

Please refer to the nutritional section for nutritional information on the products that SaladStop! has to offer. You can also create-your-own meal and compute your very own nutritional information. For more recommendations and information on different diets please contact us at: info@saladstop.com.sg .


How do I see the carbon footprint information of ingredients at SaladStop?

On the CYO page, please click on the ‘i’ button on any ingredient. Below the ingredient name you will find the carbon footprint information.

Alternatively, you can view this information on our online menu.

How did you calculate the carbon footprint information on the SaladStop! pre-order?

In 2020, the SaladStop! Sustainability team completed an assessment to estimate the carbon footprint of our salad ingredients. SaladStop!’s carbon information is presented as a carbon dioxide equivalent (CO₂e). A CO₂e approximately reflects the emissions from all different greenhouse gases associated with the production of an ingredient.

We referenced secondary sources to calculate the carbon footprint of our ingredients. Please visit go climate+ webpage for further information.

I ordered a salad through Deliveroo/Foodpanda/Grabfood but cannot see the carbon footprint information. Why not?

For now, carbon footprint information is only available on the SaladStop! pre-order – order.saladstop.com.sg and on our online menu.

What does it mean to ‘go climate positive’ at SaladStop?

To ‘go climate positive’ means to go beyond carbon offsetting. The option compensates for the greenhouse gas emissions required to produce a SaladStop! order and removes additional CO₂ from the atmosphere via a mangrove reforestation project in East Java, Indonesia.

How did you calculate the ‘climate positive’ surcharge on the pre-order?

The ‘climate positive’ surcharge on the pre-order is 1% of the total meal cost (excluding any discount or delivery charge), rounded up to the nearest $0.1. It removes approximately 20x more CO₂ from the atmosphere than required to make the order.

How did you calculate the ‘climate positive’ surcharge in-store?

The ‘climate positive’ surcharge in-store is set at $0.20. This is equivalent to approximately 1% of an average order cost and removes up to 20x more CO₂ from the atmosphere than required to make the average meal.

Who is Handprint?

Handprint is a Singapore-based green tech firm, helping us make positive impact easy and effective. At the end of each month all proceeds from the ‘go climate positive’ opt-in will be directed to Handprint. Handprint are working with Yagasu, one of the most experienced mangrove reforestation NGOs in the world. Please visit go climate+ webpage for further information.

What is your packaging made from?

The majority of our takeaway packaging, including our takeaway salad bowls, are made of 80% recycled PET.

What if I want to use a reusable bowl or cup?

We encourage customers to participate in our Bring Your Own (BYO) campaign. We offer a free standard topping when a customer brings their own bowl. Upon purchase of a hot beverage or smoothie, a 50 cents discount is provided to customers who bring their own cup.

We have also partnered with barePack and Muuse to make eco-friendly takeaway (at all SaladStop! outlets) and delivery (on third-party delivery platforms) possible too.

What if I want to order a plant-based meal?

We encourage customers to be a part of the plant-based movement. Approximately 80% of our salad bar is plant-based. In addition to our vegan signature menu items, this allows for more than 85 million plant-based salad, wrap or grain-bowl options.

As part of the Green Everyday campaign ordering a vegan salad, wrap or grain-bowl at SaladStop! entitles customers to an extra free topping.